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Orbiter (Original Mix)




This is the main title track of the Orbiter EP. Great uplifting balearic trance track with flowing synthleads and some nice padtextures. Perfect to relax on a sunny day at the beach :)

released on 19/06/2015

Orbiter (Special ReMix by LuXXXeN)


Orbiter EP (Special ReMix by LuXXXeN)


This is the second prerelease of the EP “Orbiter”. This is the Remix of the main theme track done by my very good friend Marcel aka LuXXXeN.

This is quite a bit different than my own style, but hey… thats the purpose, isn’t it?! :)
released on 04/06/2015

Orbiter (Empty Spaces Ambient Mix)



This is a first prerelease of the upcoming EP “Orbiter”. This is the slower ambient remix of the main theme track.
released on: 03/06/2015

Land’s End (“The Story of Hope”)




An accoustic cinematic track leading far away from everyday’s worries and troubles… towards bitter sweet memories of longing and hope… (This song is dedicated to Hope!)

released on: 06/09/2014



Cover Poisoned


A deep bassline with pumping synth spheres, that make you wanna move your body… wishing the bassline never stops…
released on: 16/11/2013