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The video of “Floating Blue”


Finest balearic trance and beats: “Floating Blue” is my personal favorite track of the EP “Orbiter” and this is the video for it.
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released on: 10/20/2014

The video of “Land’s End”

thumbnail lands endDescription:
“Land’s End – The Video” – An accoustic cinematic track leading far away from everyday’s worries and troubles… towards bitter sweet memories of longing and hope…
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released on: 01/10/2014

The video of “Poisoned”

thumbnail poisonedDescription:
Poisoned – another fine release of Lun-y-Mar. A deep bassline with pumping synth spheres, that make you wanna move your body… wishing the bassline never stops…
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released on: 27/11/2013

The video of “Alchemy”

Video Alchemy

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veröffentlicht am: 11/10/2013

Tears' Dream VideoDescription:
Ever had that feeling not to get awake totally and hanging on to the echoes of your dreams you still hear in your head?! Thats the feeling of this minimal movie track, taking you away to another sphere…
YouTube link:
release date: 17/10/2012