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New track released

Yay, it’s done!
I am pretty proud to present a preview of my first track of my upcoming EP “Passing Lights”. This is the preview of the track “When it’s all over”.


This will be the closing track of the EP which will become some kind of a concept EP. I’m working pretty hard on this new release, so I hopefully will hit the stores this year.

Hope you like it.


Orbiter EP




Orbiter is my first “real” EP. It contains two balearic trance tracks,a classic trance track and two additional mixes of the titlte track. This is not only my first “real” release, but also the first one which is completely managed by the label suntraxxmusic.
released on 07/24/15


The Orbiter EP is now available at:

Google Play:
Apple Music:

Floating Blue




Another fine balearic trance track with impulsive percussion.
This track is also included in the “Orbiter” EP which will hit the stores on 07/24/15.

released on 07/10/2015


Orbiter (Original Mix)




This is the main title track of the Orbiter EP. Great uplifting balearic trance track with flowing synthleads and some nice padtextures. Perfect to relax on a sunny day at the beach :)

released on 19/06/2015

Orbiter (Special ReMix by LuXXXeN)


Orbiter EP (Special ReMix by LuXXXeN)


This is the second prerelease of the EP “Orbiter”. This is the Remix of the main theme track done by my very good friend Marcel aka LuXXXeN.

This is quite a bit different than my own style, but hey… thats the purpose, isn’t it?! :)
released on 04/06/2015